Take control!

ProGARDO provides easy solutions for preventing rust and corrosion damage during operation, storage and transport.

Easy solutions

We say as Mr. Kelly Johnson (1910–1990) at the Lockheed Skunk Works; "Keep it simple, stupid" or "Quick, Quiet and Quality"


Take control of condensations! Protect values from moisture and mold damage with our desiccants and absorbent products.

Shipping and transportation

With ProGardo you can guarantee for your customer that the equipment and spare parts will arrive in good conditions and ready for instant use without any cleaning.

Protective solutions for storage

Indoor preservation and rust 

Visco-Elastic Sealant

Powerful Cold-Applied Coatings for any Substrate. Versatile coating in wrap form for above and underground use.

How VCI works

Vapor- or Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting Technology protects effectivly all ferros- and non ferroes metals against corrosion.

ProGardo Corrosion Control

Outdoor Preservation

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VCI Corrosion Protection

  • ProGARDO VCI Shrink Wrap. High efficiant multi metal protection. 
  • ProGADO VCI Pallet Bags in different sizes.
  • ProGARDO VCI Bags with zip lock. Small bags ideal for spare parts and electronic components.
  • ProGARDO VCI Multi Spray. Cleans, lubricate and protect all metal against corrosion.
  • ProGARDO VCI Tablets.
  • ProGARDO CorrPack2
  • ProGARDO VCI & Dry


Desiccant & Absorbtion

  • ProGARDO CargoPac300. Desiccant bags with special characteristics of 300% + absorption rate and polymer encapsulated. Will reduce the risk of breakage and spill on cargo, and does not leak after full absorption.
  • ProGARDO TEXPack. Odor Control Bags. Eliminate and prevent mildew odors and mold odors. Non-toxic formula is ideal for use in enclosed spaces where musty odors can ocure.
  • ProGARDO CorrPac2. VCI Capsule designed for long term corrosion protection of closed areas. Each capsule protects 25 cubic feet (1 cubic meter) and lasts up to 5 years. Absorbs chloride or sulfide gases. It has a self adhesive bottom for easy application.
  • ProGARDO VCI & DRY. Designed for corrosion protection in closed areas where humidity and moisture also can be a factor. Contains both VCI and desiccant.
  • ProGARDO ClayPac
  • ProGARDO SilicaGel


Visco-Elastic Sealant

  • ProGARDO VES200 Visco-elastic sealant.
  • ProGARDO VES300 Visco Elastic Sealant

ProGardo Corrosion Control

Work in progress

Take lthe weekend off!  Avoid extra costs and labor hours by protecting your work from the rust that occures after just a few hours. With one or two easy applications fro ProGARDO you are your project is well protected.

NACE Impact Study

NACE International—The Worldwide Corrosion Authority releases the 2016 IMPACT study to examine the current role of corrosion management in industry and government and establish best practices.

Moisture & Containers

Containers travel trough different climate zones and  inside the temerature changes.  Condensation builds up and it can cause damage. Well known as kcontainer rain or cargo sweat, which is usually is even more damaging.

Work in progress

Go for lunch or take the weekend off. With our easy applications you can continue your work without any corrosion damage.